Yanuziello Electric Mandolin


Yanuziello electric mandolin

I was fortunate to purchase one of these beautiful, handmade, electric mandolins from the maker, fairly early on in his career. The great thing about the purchase was that there was a personal collaboration between myself and Joe Yanuziello which made the experience something more memorable than just buying off the rack. The other thing that struck me as different was that it was a totally handcrafted instrument, including the metal bridge and saddle hardware!  The use of an old DeArmond pickup also intrigued me.


The mandolin is a woodworking tour-de-force.  I believe Joe had years of experience in furniture woodworking before building mandolins and guitars.  Joe’s expertise is not limited to electric mandolins.  He is well known for his Weissenborn style of guitar, along with lap steels and electric guitars, with endorsements from top players in their fields, including guitar wizard Bill Frisell.

My mandolin has a lightweight chambered body with a scale length very friendly to guitar players.  In fact, I can actually play this instrument, finger style,  sans pick!  Below is a short video featuring Joe Yanuziello, from Fretboard Journal.

I have yet to make a visit to Toronto, Canada, despite the fact that it’s been on my trip list for sometime.  There is no doubt that when I do Joe will take the time for a quick visit.  I look forward to that…

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  1. Reply from Joe Yanuziello:

    Thanks for posting your mando on the Addition Studio site, it’s cool to see an older one….in fact, that’s the second electric mando that I made. I had built the first one in 1995 to take to the Nashville NAMM show.
    At that show, Elderly Instruments in Michigan, took that first mando and two reso guitars that I had built for the show back to their store to sell them.
    They sold that first mando and then ordered more instruments. Your’s, #02296EM would have been the next one that I sent them.
    I love how the creamy white has yellowed, it reminds me of a 67′ Tele custom that I used to own. My old Tele would have started off as Olympic white in 67′, it had black binding front and back, pretty rare Tele, and by the time I bought it, which was around 1982, it had gone from white to a beautiful butterscotch color.
    Your mando is only one of two with the Dearmond pickup, after that, Lindy Fralin started making my pickups,( copies of your pickup) and still does! I designed and built covers for all the pickups – electric mando, mandola, mandocello, and guitar.

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