Bonnie Raitt and Norton Buffalo

How many will admit they are old enough to remember the very cool musical showcase… The Midnight Special.

A very young Bonnie Raitt does what she does so well on an old Gibson ES175 (how cool is that!),  while the rest of the band cooks on Del Shannon’s hit …Runaway.  Check out Norton Buffalo’s harmonica magic show!

Intel brings the Animusic Pipe Dream to Life

Inspired by the animated music video Pipe Dream by Animusic:

Intel Embedded Computing engineers teamed up with Austin-based Sisu to turn that animation into a real computerized paint ball orchestra. The Intel Industrial Control in Concert piece was unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in September 2011. Built with seven Intel Atom processors, running three different operating systems, security camera system, sensors, touchscreen and other technologies, the project was completed in just 90 days at a cost of about $160,000.