Studio Visitors: Rick Davies’ Latin Funk Thugtet

2013042817_2RE34OStudio Visitors      Rick Davies  and the Latin Funk Thugtet

In the studio this past week was Rick Davies and his Latin Funk Thugtet.  Rick has some great compositions for his group to perform and record.  Below are a few photos of the rhythm section laying down some tracks.  The horn section will track separately, after the rhythm section finishes their job.  I have to say, it’s been hard working on the mixes without breaking out in dance! P1030384


Who still listens to Vinyl ? Harmon Kardon T65C

P1030179Harman Kardon T 65C turntable

I am still going through my collection of vinyl, and I continue to marvel how great they sound.  I have to give some of that credit to myself for keeping the collection in good shape, but I can’t ignore how well this turntable from the ’80s has held up and performs as if brand new………………….. Continue reading Who still listens to Vinyl ? Harmon Kardon T65C

Jeff Cochran, master poet and performer



Addition Studio Visitor Jeff Cochran

Jeff was in the studio recently recording a large body of poetry he has written and amassed over the years.  Talented in both the written verse and the performance of the spoken word.  I was most impressed with the many voices Jeff was able to use to convey his well crafted, thought provoking, personal outlook on many things we bump into in the world we live in.

Below are a few examples: