Jeff Cochran Poetry CD

jeff cocran 1Jeff Cochran releases poetry CD

Jeff worked at recording his new CD at The Addition Studio last spring and now the fruits of that effort can be held in the hand!


This handsome  CD package is an impressive work of art, and it contains two CD’s with a total of 85 poems from this master craftsman of poetry and the spoken word.  Jeff’s artwork for the cd jacket was mastered by the talented graphic artist Gwen Jamison.

P1030434Click on the link to read about Jeff’s visit to the studio and to hear a few tracks from the new release.


Dan Hicks : How can we miss You if you don’t go away


       Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks

I was sadden recently at the news that yet another one my musical influences has passed away.  “Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks”  was a very original group fronted by Hicks in the 70’s.  The group’s melding of ’40’s swing, jazzy instrumentation and somewhat comic, tongue-in-cheek compositions and performances was not lost on me and others…. Continue reading Dan Hicks : How can we miss You if you don’t go away

Studio Visitors: Rick Davies’ Latin Funk Thugtet

2013042817_2RE34OStudio Visitors      Rick Davies  and the Latin Funk Thugtet

In the studio this past week was Rick Davies and his Latin Funk Thugtet.  Rick has some great compositions for his group to perform and record.  Below are a few photos of the rhythm section laying down some tracks.  The horn section will track separately, after the rhythm section finishes their job.  I have to say, it’s been hard working on the mixes without breaking out in dance! P1030384