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Sierra Hull Mandolin Prodigy

sierrahull-largeSierra Hull. Talented 22 year old mandolin artist.

I was rattling off the names of a few mandolin virtuosos for a young mandolin student to watch and listen to when it hit me!  Wow, I was naming players of my generation or even older.  She added the name Sierra Hull, and happy that I was familiar with her, I agreed and told her to add that name to the list!

To my credit I mentioned Chris Thile, but at 33 years of age Chris is no longer the wunderkind in the mandolin world.

Sierra holding court (and holding her own!) with some mando masters as they improvise on the classic…. Redwing

Modern Mandolin Quartet


Modern Mandolin Quartet

Mike Marshall was instrumental in creating this mando only chamber group back in the mid 80’s.  A very cool combination of two mandolins, a mandola, and a mandocello.   Their repertoire consists of an eclectic mix of compositions:  Bach to Bluegrass.

Their newest release is titled Americana.  One of my favorite mandolin players, Matt Flinner, is now a group member.  You don’t need to be a mandolin fanatic to enjoy what this group has to offer!

A video montage and audio sampling of their new release.


Norman Blake performs Roll on Buddy

Norman Blake performing Roll on Buddy from 2012



The man I hold responsible for me owning a ’76 Martin D28.         Sorry Tony…….

Norman’s combined strum/flat picking technique made a serious impression on me early on in my guitar learning process.

1980 performance with wife Nancy and fiddler James Bryan.


Norman’s album Old and New.  My first exposure to Martin Guitars.