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Joe Cleary and Campanella Stringed Instruments

CampanellaStrings_PhotosByAdamFrehm-0458Campanella Stringed Instruments

I recently took a trip to Burlington, Vermont to enlist the services of the talented and well established luthier, Joseph Cleary.  I had some issues with my current mandolin that I perform with, so I made a date to consult with him on how to deal with the issues.

I had met Joe previously when he came to the Addition Studio to track some violin on Steve Light’s recording project, “Banjo and Friends.”  I was impressed with the tracks Joe contributed to the album, as well as the violin that he built and used on the session.

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Yanuziello Electric Mandolin


Yanuziello electric mandolin

I was fortunate to purchase one of these beautiful, handmade, electric mandolins from the maker, fairly early on in his career. The great thing about the purchase was that there was a personal collaboration between myself and Joe Yanuziello which made the experience something more memorable than just buying off the rack. The other thing that struck me as different was that it was a totally handcrafted instrument, including the metal bridge and saddle hardware!  The use of an old DeArmond pickup also intrigued me. Continue reading Yanuziello Electric Mandolin

Lebeda Mandolins Craftsmanship from the Czech Republic

lebeda mandolinLebeda mandolins are a great example of craftsmanship from the Czech Republic.

Having played quite a few mandolins through the years, I realize that we are now living in a golden era for the availability of well- made, handcrafted mandolins and guitars.  Since the fall of the “Wall” and the “Curtain,” one area of the world, the Czech Republic,  has had greater access to the Western market. The result?  Continue reading Lebeda Mandolins Craftsmanship from the Czech Republic