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Yamaha CA-810 Integrated amplifier


I am using this Yamaha CA-810 Integrated amplifier to power the JBL L60T loudspeakers described in a previous post.  Built from 1977 to 1979.  A heavy amp with a conservative rating of 75 watts per channel.  While the amp was being reconditioned, I was told by the service tech that this amp easily produced more wattage than its specified rating without breaking a sweat.    Continue reading Yamaha CA-810 Integrated amplifier

JBL L60T Studio Monitors for the Living Room


JBL L60T Loudspeakers.

I made a few good decisions early on with my purchases of audio equipment.  These handsome loudspeakers are definitely one of those.  In the early 80’s, JBL was fond of repackaging their series of true studio monitors for the listener at home.


This series included the L20T, L80T and L100T.  All excellent choices. They all included JBL’s infamous 035Ti tweeter. This titanium tweeter went on to be a staple for many of their speakers, and for good reason…. Continue reading JBL L60T Studio Monitors for the Living Room

Sony TA-AX 500 Integrated Amplifier Audiophile Introduction


Sony TA-AX 500  Integrated Amplifier.

This amp was my first foray into the outskirts of higher end audio. Sony manufactured some great integrated amps in the early 80’s and this one was right on the edge of being part of their higher end, ES (elevated series) series amps.  It got dressed down a bit, without the classy faux wood panels and at a price point that was easier to digest.   This amp is still in service, and although I have since had more powerful, high end equipment, I think it still pulls it’s weight and I feel it produces better audio than most that I have listened to. Why? Continue reading Sony TA-AX 500 Integrated Amplifier Audiophile Introduction

consumer loudspeakers Vs near-field monitors vs media players

IS495966-01-03-BIGI have always felt that listening to your mixes on more than one set of studio monitors was very important to get a balanced mix through all frequencies that are present in the recording.  While a very good pair of studio near-field monitors are necessary for editing, clinical listening and frequency equalizing, they are not what people will be listening to their music on.   Another way to get a reasonable representation of what the public will hear is to make sure you check your mixes against different play back systems and loudspeakers. Continue reading consumer loudspeakers Vs near-field monitors vs media players

Kenwood KA-7300 double your pleasure

794675611The Kenwood KA-7300 is another great example of vintage integrated amplification. The KA series of amps came in several wattages and featured different options through that line.  I have been using this amp in the studio, to power the output of my computer and my near field mixing monitors.  Every knob, button and switch on this amp works like new and it sounds fantastic.  One of my earlier acquisitions and I found it in very good shape. I had controls cleaned and lubed as well as work done on some of the amplifier sections.  That was several years ago and the unit stills performs without a peep, hum or pop! Continue reading Kenwood KA-7300 double your pleasure

Aphex 107 preamp magic machine

s15068-6 - CopyHaving some contemporary and reliable microphone preamps are a must for any recording studio but for those willing to take a chance on some older gear, the results can be down right thrilling! The Aphex company, long known for their affordable and utilitarian recording gear,  made some terrific gear in the ’90s. The Aphex 107  is one of those very cool preamps. Continue reading Aphex 107 preamp magic machine