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Who still listens to Vinyl ? Harmon Kardon T65C

P1030179Harman Kardon T 65C turntable

I am still going through my collection of vinyl, and I continue to marvel how great they sound.  I have to give some of that credit to myself for keeping the collection in good shape, but I can’t ignore how well this turntable from the ’80s has held up and performs as if brand new………………….. Continue reading Who still listens to Vinyl ? Harmon Kardon T65C

Apple ITunes, IPod and instant music gratification

2012-ipodnano-gallery2-zoomApple I POD Nano


I know……….you’ve heard it before, but spring is slow to get here and I have been thinking about this again.  I have also been going through my vinyl collection, trying to weed out all the albums I feel I can let go.  Between my wife and me, there is quite a collection that takes up a bus load of space.  This post really isn’t another digital vs analog rant, but more a reflection of where listening to LP’s has taken me this time….. Continue reading Apple ITunes, IPod and instant music gratification

Neil Young’s Pono Player



Neil Young’s Pono Player


Neil Young just can’t seem to catch a break.  Although, I must admit, at this point, the man must have some serious powder burns from gunshots directed at his feet.  Despite the  sometimes awkward or socially dysfunctional  promotion, he really has had his heart and ears in the right place.  The Pono Player is now out and about, along with a bunch of reviews… Continue reading Neil Young’s Pono Player